How many times has something gone wrong while traveling? Cancelled or delayed flights, food poisoning, earthquakes, losing your passport. Between our planning and dreaming and focusing on having an amazing experience, there’s no room for negative thinking.

But as much as we strive for control, even the most meticulously planned trip can be disrupted by the smallest things; strikes, for example.

What can wrong while traveling:

1. Political unrest. From local strikes to more critical situations. Put your safety first and if necessary, contact your Embassy.

2. Flight delays. Contact your airline to learn all the necessary info on what to do next.

3. Lost luggage. I always recommend having a few essentials in your hand luggage; a change of clothes and underwear. At least you’ll have the basics for a couple days until your luggage is retrieved.

4. Lost passport. Contact the local police and your Embassy. Always keep a copy in your handbag; this will speed up the legal procedures.

5. Illness or injury. If it’s something minor, visit a pharmacy to get medicine or antibiotics. If it’s something more serious, go straight to a local hospital or contact a doctor.

6. Natural disasters. Stay calm and do not panic. Keep your valuables with you (passport and money) and be patient.

You know, a few years back, I spent New Year’s Eve in Munich, Germany. It was all great, until the New Year’s Eve night. Locals told us that things can get wild during the celebrations. And they did. I remember us crossing the main piazza, Marienplatz, and things were wild, indeed. People throwing little explosives around our feet (you know, the ones many people use during Easter celebrations in Greece) making walking really dangerous. At the same time, people around us were making us feel extremely unsafe.

I honestly wish I had a travel companion back then, to inform me about this and offer me alternative routes to reach my hotel – note that it was also impossible to find cabs during rush hour.

The best way to be prepared is to pick the perfect travel companion; a safety app that keeps you updated about health and safety issues, along with flight information regarding your destination.

During my latest trip to Rome, I used Sitata.

After signing up, I immediately received notifications informing me about the General Nationwide Strike in Italy on November 29th; it was during my stay in Rome. The strikes would affect Museum and government offices’ schedules and transportation. Metro, trams, buses and airport shuttle would run as usual in Rome, however, there would be a disruption in train schedules; employees of Trenitalia, Italo and Trenοrd would be on a 24-hour strike. So, this affected my decision to travel for a day within Italy.

It was good to know!

Sitata does all the heavy work and research for you. Instead of spending valuable time by searching local hospitals and pharmacies or trying to find if the rumors about a strike are true, just enter Sitata. Everything you need, will be there. Plus, you’ll have someone available 24/7 in case of an emergency while traveling!

Great news is, you can now get this app with a discount! The first 100 readers will get 50% off and the rest will get 15% off. You can download it on both IOS and Android.

Would you like to learn more about Sitata?

Here are the main features:

Let your Travel Watchers know you’re safe/ Update them on your trip progress

Keep your designated friends and family members stress-free and updated on your travel progress – especially if you’re traveling solo; the app automatically notifies your family when you land or reach your accommodation. If someone is waiting for you at the airport they’ll receive notifications for any delays, so that they’ll be there on time.

Have a doctor come to you/ Telemedicine 

If an unpleasant situation occurs, Sitata can connect you to a local doctor or pharmacy, either virtually or in person at your hotel room. You’ll receive a quick diagnosis or guidance and advice on what to do if further medical attention is required.

Easy access during a big emergency

Losing your passport, for instance. You can contact Sitata and the chat-based assistance can provide quick help on what to do.

Travel Alerts

Sitata is the first affordable app to make military grade travel intelligence available for any traveler. It’s likely that you don’t check on the local news while traveling; the app will keep you on track – even if it’s just a taxi strike.

I am always very honest with you and to be clear, the app still needs to fix a few minor issues. But apart from that, my overall experience was great – it’s useful and affordable.

Get the app with a discount and send me your comments! The first 100 readers will get 50% off and the rest will get 15% off. You can download it on both IOS and Android.

Travel, Smile and Stay Safe!


*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but as always, all opinions expressed are based on my personal views*