My quarantine in Qatar

My quarantine in Qatar

It’s been so long since my last article here… I honestly feel so sorry about this; I missed you all!

 But as you know, life has been so weird during the past months. The Coronavirus pandemic changed the world as we know it and implemented a new normal. Not to mention all the other unfortunate events around the globe that shaped humanity. 

 We cannot control them, not always. What we can control is how we react and act towards them.

 Why I stayed silent

 I didn’t feel at all acting as most people did on social media. Quarantine outfits, quarantine things to do, beauty skin routine during quarantine, or the best of all, TikTok dance videos! Ok, I am not saying that I haven’t been watching TikTok videos, it was fun, and we all needed an element of fun in our lives, that’s true. 

 However, I could not relate to people TikToking all day, instead of thinking ways to improve themselves. I could not connect to people passing along useless and entirely out of substance content while people were dying or made redundant.

Especially when you’re an influencer! If you have a strong voice, a strong influence, and you affect people, do something that matters. Yes, of course, you’re going to share fun content as well, sure, but also, say something that matters, pass along a message that matters. People lost their jobs, their lives, the economy collapsed. Say or do something that matters.

 Journalists in Greece were interviewing celebrities and Instagram personas about their quarantine. Like, really? What is the useful information or insights that can come out of this? And also, who cares? 

 Go and research how women who experience domestic violence feel during quarantine. Or how people with weak health feel. How scared they may feel. Or people with depression. People who lost their job. How did these people deal with or after quarantine? 

 So, I felt that I don’t have anything to write during these challenging times. I

felt powerless in light of all those events. 

 I have realized, though, how much I have missed writing for my blog; for my little space here. 

 What I did during quarantine

 I did work a lot (grateful for having a job during this pandemic), and I was also thinking a lot (more than usual, haha). I was thinking of ways to improve myself and build a safe future. What can I do to be better at my job? What are the skills I am missing to be competitive in the future? What are the steps I can do to be 100% self-employed one day? How can I save money? Do I need all these clothes? 

 The only thing I truly need is to be healthy and to know that my family and friends are healthy. That’s all that matters.

 Life in Qatar now

 Qatar took well in advance a series of measures to secure its citizens. There were strict measures, but necessary. Now, life is back to normal at its most part. Masks are mandatory, of course, and we also have a special app that showcases our health status. 

 What I missed

 So, life is back to normal. We do go out sometimes, but this is not what we miss. We don’t miss going out brunching or for drinks. We always preferred to save this amount of money for our trips. And that’s what I truly miss. Traveling. Exploring new places, trying new flavors. Doha is such a fantastic location for discovering the world!

 Things are so complicated now and uncertain when it comes to traveling. Since December, we have been in Qatar, and you know, the only way for a getaway is the airplane. It’s not easy. It’s not easy not to be able to see your family for so long. 

However, I am going to repeat it; I am so grateful for what we have. 

(ButI keep thinking of 2 weeks off, somewhere warm, enjoying the sea, absorbing the sun, and detoxing from my phone. I know that this scenery is still far away, but I am allowed to dream of places… 🙂 )

Hello September

Well, I finally managed to take some time off and visit Greece! In early September, I traveled to Greece, worked remotely, and managed to get some time off for the so needed vacation. More on this soon.

I am now back in Qatar, back to my daily routine and so happy for this great weather!

 I hope you are all safe and well! I missed you!