A stunning design by the French architect Jean Nouvel, an architectural masterpiece and a landmark which creatively unfolds the story of Qatar; its past, present and future.

The National Museum of Qatar  officially opened its gates on March 2019 in a spectacular night that attracted people from all over the world. It’s located on Doha’s iconic Corniche opposite to the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA). It’s organized in three main parts; Beginnings, Life in Qatar, Building the Nation and aims to show the country’s heritage and its people’s story.

The ‘Desert Rose’ links the origins of a proud Qatar to its modern state of continuous growth and development. Compelling interactive storytelling unravels the country’s most significant facts and milestones, starting from the maritime tradition, the textiles and pearls production, the plants variety and more; everything blends perfectly together.

My personal favorite stops along the way were the big screen that shows how Qatar was in the 40’s and how it developed and formed as the years went by. There is also an interactive screen where you can learn useful information about Qatar’s landmarks and major sights. I also loved the way sounds and films are combined. Lastly, there are various interactive activities for kids, in an effort to bring children closer to culture in fun and engaging ways.

The National Museum of Qatar also embraces Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al-Thani’s original palace.

Once the interactive journey is completed, make sure to stop at the Gift Shop, as a perfect way to complete the experience. The shop embraces the local tones and aesthetics and holds a lovely variety of well designed gifts; from jewelry to notebooks, mostly designed by local artists.

Later on, you can enjoy coffee and bites at the Café.

The National Museum is a must visit once in Doha as it stands as a combination of creativity, technology and tradition that in my view represents the fusion that is Qatar’s culture.


Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday 9am-7pm, Friday 1:30pm-7pm.

Ticket price:

QAR 50 for adults

Free entrance for Residents and for Culture Pass Plus Members

Special prices for students

*During the month of Ramadan the Museum will be open 7 days a week 8pm-midnight.